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Secret Garden Easter Trail

When? 07 Apr 2019 to 22 Apr 2019
Where? Mapperton Gardens - Bridport

  • Secret Garden Easter Trail
  • Secret Garden Easter Trail
  • Secret Garden Easter Trail
  • Secret Garden Easter Trail

Discover the Secret Garden Easter Trail at Mapperton where tiny little doors from another world have miraculously appeared nestled among the trees in the lower garden. Behind each door live native fairies and wood elves who guard the arboretum from mischievous creatures.

Children will need to crack the secret woodland code by collecting the letters noted on the tiny doors, which spells out a special word. Let Peaseblossom in the Fairy Tavern know the secret code in return for a mini Easter egg filled with chocolate buttons from artisan chocolate company Chococo!

In addition to the secret trail, there’s also an Easter Egg Hunt with extra entertainment from Strawberry Jam the Clown taking place on Easter Sunday 21st April and Easter Monday 22nd April.

Under 16’s are just £5 for entrance to the Gardens for the Easter Trail and Easter Fun Days upon arrival to the attraction. Please note Mapperton is open Sunday-Thursday, 10am-5pm.

More information:
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Event hosted by:

Mapperton Gardens

Beaminster Dorset, DT8 3NR

Tel: 01308 862645

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