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Children's Fancy Dress Run

When? 09 December 2017
Where? Swanage

  • Children's Fancy Dress Run

Durlston Country Park is hosting a 2.5k fun-run for children aged 8 to 13, with all participants encouraged to don festive fancy dress in the spirit of the season.

The route will take in some of the park's most beautiful scenery, including woodland, meadows and gorgeous sea views. All participants receive a medal for completing the race, and post-run refreshments are provided.

Booking is required in order to attend, and there is a £2 suggested donation.

The Durlston Dash is part of the Durlston Pleasure Grounds Project. Funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund’s Parks for People funding stream, the project aims to make Durlston more accessible, enjoyable and rewarding for visitors of all ages and will see the Park’s historic landscape restored and enhanced.

More information:
Children's Fancy Dress Run Website

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